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Code Issues


Recessed Lighting in Vaulted Ceiling

1/4″ is not enough clearance for a non IC fixture. Here is the code. 410.66 Clearance and Installation. (A) Clearance. (1) Non-Type IC. A recessed luminaire (fixture) that is not identified for contact with insulation shall have all recessed parts spaced not less than 13 mm ( in.) from combustible materials. The points of support and the trim finishing off the opening in the ceiling or wall surface shall be permitted to be in contact with combustible materials. (2) Type […]


Beam spread: Spacing of recessed cans

First posted: Mon, May 12, 08 Many companies create IES files for their fixtures which describe the characteristics of light output for a lighting calculator to use. Halo has IES files for many fixtures and a simple calculator. To experiment with their calculator follow the link and click on the little calculator icon next to the lamp you want which would be 26W TTT. A professional lighting designer uses tools like this, but much more sophisticated, to choose and place […]


What Wattage for Can Lights?

A lighting designer typically uses different types of lighting fixtures in a space to achieve the desired illumination level. You may have plenty of light but it may be directed to the wrong places. An example is a room with reading levels of light over the seating area using recessed fixtures but no washing of the walls creating a “cave” effect. Though the meter says the lighting is OK at the couch people see the room as dark because the […]