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LUTRON Lighting & Shades Control

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Sena Electric is here to ensure that your project achieves its design goals. We help navigate California Title 24 energy requirements, LED lighting options and lighting control choices. We understand designers and strive to preserve their view—working as a guide and facilitator with owners to create elegance for each project.


Whether for security or home ambience, we can design, install and automate a system accessable to you on multiple devices.


With a single button or remote control you can light your surroundings and illuminate a safe path in and around your home.

Shade Control

Use natural light with shades to reduce energy cost, regulate temperature and protect your interior from harsh rays all with Lutron's many sustainable materials.

Lighting Control

Adjust lighting for different tasks, for preparing food or for entertaining. Make rooms even more livable and recall favorite light settings with a touch.


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General Lighting

Lighting Design for New Home Construction

For your lighting control system, it would be expensive but possible to make every fixture independent. Group the light fixtures as it makes sense. Each independent fixture or group will be wired to a remotely mounted dimmer or switch. Some systems have multiple dimmers and switches in a single device called a module. The systems can be programmed to operate as you suggest with group A, B etc., controlled by individual buttons or by current use of the room which […]


Recessed Lighting in Vaulted Ceiling

1/4″ is not enough clearance for a non IC fixture. Here is the code. 410.66 Clearance and Installation. (A) Clearance. (1) Non-Type IC. A recessed luminaire (fixture) that is not identified for contact with insulation shall have all recessed parts spaced not less than 13 mm ( in.) from combustible materials. The points of support and the trim finishing off the opening in the ceiling or wall surface shall be permitted to be in contact with combustible materials. (2) Type […]


Is low voltage lighting Green?

The LEED program is like a report card for your home and you need to have at least 45 LEED points for the “certified” level, 60 for silver, 75 for gold, 90 for platinum. Maximum (available) points are 136. Having some low voltage lighting doesn’t toss you out of the program. To get to the higher levels may cause you to make some harder choices